Recurring Donations

Little things add up to something big.

One of the best way to support us is through recurring donations, both large and small. These allow us to plan for the future, support our staff, and start new initiatives.

The Supporters Menu offers levels between $4 and $48, what you might spend on, say, an espresso, some Whiskey, or a bottle of Champagne. Think of it: For pennies a day, you could feed a starving nationalist!

The Supporters Menu

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Are you ready to give more? 

The Sam Francis Circle is a society for donors who want to make substantial, lasting contributions to our organization and movement.

Offline contributions can be mailed to

The National Policy Institute
PO Box 320482
Alexandria VA 22320.

You can also contribute cryptically through Bitcoin and Hatreon.

Everyone involved with NPI is profoundly grateful to those who support our people, our cause, and our future.

The National Policy Institute does not rent, sell, or publicize its contributor lists.