You’re under attack!

Hillary Clinton is at it again, showing her contempt for the historic American nation. In a recent speech, she referred to half of Trump supports as ignorant and the other half as a “basket of deplorables”, who are, in her words, “irredeemable”.

Did you hear that? “Irredeemable.”

This isn’t normal. This is a direct threat to you, your children, and your grandchildren. You are being told by a candidate for president that your concerns don’t matter, that your people, your family don’t matter.

Scary, right?

I know what it’s like to be under attack.

In fact, Hillary Clinton just attacked a movement that I’m proud to call myself a member of—the Alt Right.

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about us after Hillary called us a “radical fringe” from the dark reaches of the Internet. According to Hillary we stand for such irredeemable views as:

  • An End to Multiculturalism
  • Halting Legal and Illegal Immigration
  • Embracing our History and Heritage

I know all of this sounds “crazy,” but it’s what we actually stand for and it’s why liberals like Hillary Clinton hate us, and you.

There is a group of people Hillary does not hate but just can’t get enough of—Beltway “conservatives.” In fact, they were an important part of her attack on the Alt Right and on Americans just like you.

In order to attack us, she quoted the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal and relied on “good conservatives” to stand against our agenda.

One of those “good conservatives,” Kevin Williamson, wrote in National Review that the White working class “deserves to die”. Apparently, he thinks they are “irredeemable,” too.

The truth is, the much-vaunted “conservative movement” has done little, if any, conservation—unless you count their multi-million dollar endowments and precious property in Washington, DC.

For years, one could write off their ineptitude as being due to ignorance or the strength of the liberal narrative. But this election has revealed their true colors—those of treason!

Not only are the Benedict Arnolds of the Beltway getting into bed with Hillary Clinton, they’re openly calling for the destruction of your communities. All just to keep their cushy couches with a capitol view.

We must end this!

On the Alt Right, we stand for action, not just talk. We stand for people, not “principles,” and most importantly, we stand for you—the dispossessed majority.

I invite you to join us in the fight against Hillary Clinton, and the liberal agenda that’s haunted our country for generations.

Those you thought you could trust let you down. But there is a new way: The Alt Right!

The National Policy Institute is one of the leading nodes of the Alt Right. We dare to take on taboos, face forbidden facts, and confront the cowards in the belly of the beast.

Ultimately this is an investment in your children’s future.

Will the historic American nation stand up and fight? Or go gently into the night?

I ask you to make a investment of $25, $75, $100, or however much you can spare.

Enter the fight. Join the Alt Right!



Richard B. Spencer
The National Policy Institute


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