NPI’s Director of Operations Meets the Press

In March of 2017, Gregory Conte joined the National Policy Institute as Director of Operations. Before and since, he has proven to be indispensable in terms of planning our demonstrations and events, coordinating them as they happen, and keeping our supporters and staff–especially our President, Richard Spencer–safe. He also undertakes any and every chore-like duty that arises in the course of operating a tiny organization like the National Policy Institute. In short, he is fine employee.

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Prior to joining NPI, Greg worked as a substitute teacher for the Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington, Maryland. He was also employed as a part-time coach for the school’s field hockey and track programs.

Given the reality of today’s soft political tyranny, under which businesses and institutions are obliged to remove anyone who adheres to pro-white, inegalitarian opinions or else face overwhelmingly hostile media and political pressure, Greg adopted a subtle pseudonym for his work with NPI, going by the name of “Greg Ritter.” (Greg’s real last name, “Conte,” means “count” in Italian, whereas “Ritter” is German for “knight.”)

In October, Greg’s real identity was discovered and publicized, and he was fired from his job at Holy Cross. Yesterday local media revived the story after Greg responded on Twitter to a stranger who was exulting in Greg’s misfortune. This triggered a spree of local and regional coverage (for example, here, here, here, and here).

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That’s unfortunate for Greg and for Holy Cross, but one silver lining is that it gave Greg the opportunity to give this interview to local ABC affiliate WJLA’s Anna-Lysa Gayle, in which he undoubtedly impressed and awoke many in the viewing audience. He expressed himself calmly and cheerful, laughed off the reporter’s attempts to misconstrue his tweets into an item of fake news, and directed viewers away from notions of unique white guilt arising from the Second World War. When asked what he had to say to the leaders and parents at Holy Cross, Greg looked directly into the camera and said:

You should have stood up for me. I am a son of your people. I’m one of you. And I’ve expressed a slightly out-of-normal-position political opinion, and you’ve thrown me by the wayside for it. And that is why your system will fail.

Greg’s interview inspired us. Click below and scroll to the bottom to find the full interview.