Live YouTube debate featuring Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer recently joined a group of critically-minded YouTube broadcasters for an live ideological discussion and debate. We appreciate Andy Warski’s invitation and willingness to set this up, and the participation of the other guests.

The main attraction of this event was a highly-anticipated confrontation between Richard and Carl Benjamin, an English YouTuber who shares social and political commentary with almost 750,000 subscribers under the pseudonym “Sargon of Akkad.” Carl is well known for his sardonic take-downs of SJW-style identity politics from the Left, but also treats the Alt Right with equal derision and contempt. Although he has faced a some of the “deplatforming” issues that complicate our lives here at the National Policy Institute, he has also been welcomed on several of the high-profile programs and channels that prefer to discuss Richard Spencer without actually hosting him as a guest.

The broadcast proceed for almost five hours and disappointed neither those interested in an earnest discussion of ideas, nor viewers who craved a little live Internet drama. Was Carl’s smug satisfaction in the certain demise of a white ethnostate merited, or did Richard likely attract even more people to Identitarian ideas? Watch and judge for yourself!

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