Content Creation

Americans are exasperated with the mainstream media. In poll after poll, public trust in CNN and its ilk has sunk to unheard-of lows. Donald Trump famously compared the popularity of the mass media to Congress’ favorability. While the situation isn’t quite so desperate, he wasn’t far off the mark.

But where the Media has failed, the Altright is succeeding. Our movement has become a powerhouse of content creation–from serious journals to light-hearted blogs, to podcasts, YouTube videos and more.

NPI  is a leading content-creator. We are one of the primary sponsors of (along with Arktos Media), one of our movement’s most widely read websites. NPI also owns Washington Summit Publishers, which has published and distributed dozens of books, covering topics of interest to identitarians. Until August, NPI produced Radix Magazine, an Alt-Right webzine. Radix’s website was shut down in the aftermath of Charlottesville 2.0, but it will return, with old and new articles, at the beginning of 2018. was founded by Richard Spencer and Daniel Friberg, CEO of Arktos Media and a leading figure in the European New Right. The website features articles from writers such as Gregory Hood, Andrew Joyce, and Malcolm Jaggers. Vincent Law and Melissa Mészáros double as managing editors and prolific content producers. hosts some of the identitarian right’s most popular podcasts, regularly garnering upwards of 10,000 listens per episode. It produces:

  1. Alt-Right Politics: A weekly political roundtable hosted by Greg Ritter, with regular guests Richard Spencer, Hannibal Bateman and Don Camillo, covering US and international politics from an Alt-Right (ie objective) point-of-view. The show often delves into political and intellectual history. Special guests have included Mike Enoch, James Allsup, and Baked Alaska.
  2. Unconscious Cinema: Richard Spencer and Mark Brahmin talk about movies.
  3. Taking a Stand: Brian Brathovd (the voice of Caerulus Rex) interviews participants and organizers about real-life political activism.
  4. The Transatlantic Pact: Evan McLaren and Chris Dulny (Chairman of Nordic Altright) cover a range of identitarian topics.
  5. Honoring our History: Lauritz Von Guildhausen and Barbute discuss European history.

We are also looking to continue our series of thought-provoking policy papers. If you have expertise, or are just a highly motivated, highly competent independent researcher, we would love to hear from you.