Richard Spencer at the University of Florida

Richard Spencer came to Florida determined to vindicate a vital right of intellectual and political expression, and to demonstrate once again the strength of our ideas. Through the chaotic and unpredictable course of events he succeeded, and attracted a fresh wave of interest in identitarianism and the Alt Right.

Logistically, the event presented many challenges. Serious attempts were made to disrupt ticket distribution. As a result, many of Richard’s supporters failed to reach the inside of the venue. This was disappointing, especially for those who undertook to travel to Gainesville. It also gave the inside of the performance hall a truncated appearance, with regard to the ratio supporters versus detractors.

However, there was a silver lining. Given the opportunity to assert themselves more or less unchecked, Richard’s opponents revealed to everyone their true character. For more than an hour they shouted, jeered, cursed and screamed in an attempt to silence Richard and those who joined him on stage. To ordinary people who were watching, this was shocking and illustrative. The fact is that we have something serious and timely to say for which our opponents lack a real response. This fact was relentlessly driven home through the course of Richard’s appearance in Gainesville.

Watch the entire event here: