The Future of Identity



The Ronald Reagan Building
1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC

Related events will be held on the evening of October 25 and morning of October 27

Throughout Europe and North America, nations are experiencing what can best be described as bankruptcy—economic, social, moral, and cultural. Moreover, the identity of “the West” that was promoted over the past half-century—”democratic,” “tolerant,” “liberal”—has begun to crack and splinter under the pressure of mass immigration, multiculturalism, and the natural expression of religious and ethnic identities by non-Europeans.

In its 2013 Leadership Conference, The National Policy Institute will explore the future of identity for European peoples around the world—who must navigate a world in which so much of what was taken for granted over the past decades will be in question once more.

As a leadership conference, After The Fall will feature panel discussion of activists and intellectuals on future directions for our movement.


The Program



ALAIN DE BENOIST is a French philosopher and social and political commentator. In 1968, he established the nationalist think-tank GRECE (“Research and Study Group for European Civilisation”) and became one of the leading minds of the European “New Right” (a term Benoist does not wholeheartedly accept). His books include The Problem of DemocracyBeyond Human RightsOn Being a Pagan, as well as studies of Friedrich Nietzsche, Carl Schmitt, and Ernst Jünger.

SAM DICKSON is an attorney, businessman, communitarian activist, writer, and orator.

JACK DONOVAN is Portland-based author and commentator, an advocate for the resurgence of tribalism, honor, and manly virtue.  He has contributed articles to Alternative RightThe SpearheadCounter-Currents, and other publications.  Donovan has appeared on television and radio to discuss the topic of manhood.

PIERO SAN GIORGIO is a Swiss author and former businessman and software executive. For the past decade, Giorgio has dedicated himself to studying the global economic system and its dependence on ever-expanding populations, debt, and resource exploitation. His book on the fundamental unsustainability of the system was published in French to wide acclaim in both economic and “identitarian” circles; in September of this year, the English translation will appear, Survive—The Economic CollapseSurvive is both an economic and social analysis as well as a practical manual for successful, sustainable living in the “interesting times” that lie ahead.

ALEX KURTAGIC is a novelist, musician, writer, cultural commentator, and social critic.  He is an erstwhile music producer and is the founder of Wermod and Wermod, an independent publisher, which has produced novels, original non-fiction, as well as critical editions of classic texts.  Alex’s speech at NPI’s 2011 event, “Masters of the Universe,” quickly became legendary.

TOMISLAV SUNIC is a Croatian-America author, translator, and former professor. He is best known for his history of the “Conservative Revolution” and European “New Right”—Against Democracy and Equality. His other works include Homo Americanus, Postmortem Report (a collection of essays), as well as other volumes in English, Croatian, and French.


RICHARD SPENCER is President of The National Policy Institute and Washington Summit Publishers. He was formerly an Assistant Editor at The American Conservative magazine (2007) and Editor of Taki’s Magazine (Takimag.com) (2008-2009). In 2010, he founded AlternativeRight.com and edited it for its first two years. Currently, he is Editor of Radix Journal, a biannual journal on culture and critical theory, and the host of Vanguard Radio, a weekly podcast.

ROMAN BERNARD is a French journalist and blogger. From 2007 to 2010, he edited Criticus, a widely-read political and cultural blog in France. In 2010 and 2011, he was editor-in-chief of Le Cri du Contribuable, a Paris-based monthly magazine on fiscal and financial issues. Since 2012, he has been involved at the same time with the “Identitarian” movement in Europe and the Alternative Right in America.



JOHN MORGAN is the Editor-in-Chief of Arktos Media, which publishes, among others, Alain de Benoist. He is also a commentator and frequent contributor to Counter-Currents.com.

ANDY NOWICKI is co-editor of Alternative Right, is a Catholic reactionary writer who loathes all modernist dogmas and superstitions. He is the author of five books, including Heart Killer  and The Columbine Pilgrim

MATT PARROTT is an activist, writer, and director of the Traditionalist Youth Network.